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Sapu Masla

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Before the 16 th century, a group of settlers probably of Dutch origin settled on this place. According to legend these are giant people with chest measurement of 39” from side to side. A new group of settlers called SANGIR came next and fought with the much feared giant people they SULA allying themselves with the settlers from Tarnate Indonesia headed by their fearless chieftain named KATIALI ALBABA, killing all the SULAS . That year this fearless chieftain died.

A new era was opened with the arrival of KARAMAT BARINDONG from Maguindanao who came to settle for good on this place which they later called SAPU MASLA, a Maguindanao term meanng “Big Flesh” named after the Sulas (People with big flesh) who first resided on this place. Karamat Barindong was the ancestor of the Maguindanaos of this place who practices the religion of ISLAM. It was during his time that a friendship pact was made between him and his contemporary B'laan Chieftain from Glan who came to settle on the highlands of Sapu Masla, only known today as the father of DATU CALAY. Out of this pact intermarriages were made between clam members. B'laan tribesmen who intermarried with the Maguindanon tribe member were converted into Islam while those who were not converted practiced Paganism, believing on a bird or a tree as their Supernatural Being.

After the death of the Maguindanao Datu Karamat Barindong, the royal title was given to DATU HABIB BAHASUAN, the new Maguindanaoan Datu. The B'laan's in the highlands of Sapu Masla too have a new tribal Chieftain named Datu Calay. During this time the B'laans still practices paganism while the Maguindanons still practices the religion of Islam.

Trade and Industry was made through barter system. The Maguindanons exchanged fresh and dried fish and salt with root crops, wild vegetables and fruits and palay of the B'laans.

After the death of Datu Habib Bahasuan, Datu Alimudin Bahasuan, ascended as the new Datu and it was during his time that Hadji Taib Suib was appointed Teniente del Barrio of Sapu Masla from 1948 – 1963. It was on July 27,1949 that President Elpidio Quirino signed Executive Order No. 250 creating Sapu Masla a bonafide barangay of Glan, Cotabato. From 1956 – Mohamad Suib served as the Lt. Del Barrio. Datu Malinog Maguindanao served as Lt. Del Barrio from 1956 to 1967, which was followed by Hamsa Pendaliday from 1967 – 1968. In 1968 Watamana Bahasuan was appointed Capitan del Barrio up to the year 70's when Muslim- Christian conflict arise and escalated into war, affecting mass evacuation of civilians . At this time Barangay Sapu Masla is now a regular barangay of the newly created Municipality of Malapatan. After the conflict when peace and order situation of the place begun to normalize, barangay officials led by Barangay Captain Watamama Bahasuan started to rebuild Barangay Sapu Masla. In 1986 to 1989 Abdurahim Japar was appointed O.I.C. Barangay Captain during the term of President Corazon Aquino. In 1989, Jaime Besmanos was elected Barangay Captain of Sapu Masla . It is during his term that vast improvements have been introduced. As a result of the painstaking hardwork of its officials Sapu Masla supported by its large land area, vast, natural resources and large population, is on its way towards a sustaining development.

Location and Total Land Area

Barangay Sapu Masla is one of the 12 barangays of the Municipality of Malapatan Province of Sarangani . It is located at the southern portion of the Municipality which is bounded on the East by the municipality of Glan; on the West by Sarangani Bay; on the North by Poblacion, Malapatan and on the South by barangay Sapu Padidu, Malapatan. The barangay is approximately 7 kilometers from Poblacion Malapatan; 22 kilometers from Alabel, the capital town of Sarangani Province and 34 kilometers from General Santos City. The Center of trade and commerce of SOCSARGEN area . The barangay is South East of Poblacion Malapatan with a total land area of 9,146 hectares.

The Sitios/Pruoks of Barangay Sapu Masla are M-B , Bahasuan , Wanni , Pag – asa ,

Sumimba , Suib , A-B , olohano , Naw a, Kuipa , Islam , Bago – datu , Calocob , Malaygang , Maloto , iang , Aklobong , Mayban , Upper lasang 1 , Upper Lasang 2 , Upper Lasang 3, Salyar , Gutlesa , Poblacion , amlang Lepah , Tamlang , Kalbang , Kalagumit and Andos .

About Malapatan

Malapatan is a first class municipality in the province of Sarangani, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 72,386 people. As of 2010, it has a total voting population of 35,569 voters.

Malapatan is bounded on the west by Sarangani Bay, on the east by Davao del Sur, on the north by Alabel, and on the south by Glan.