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The earliest known reference of the people of PATAG were the B'laans who were the natives of the place. Then came the Maguindanon tribes who migrated from Cotabato. The next group were the Christians who migrated from Visayas and Luzon.

Early before its creation as a Barangay, PATAG was once named KALON BULIL, a B'laan term meaning “KOGON” which was used as roofs of their huts. They were the first settlers of the place followed by the Maguindanons and the Christians. These were the three ethnic groups comprised the population of the barangay.

After Christians dwelled and cultivated the area, the name was changed to PATAG, a Cebuano term meaning PLAIN. This name was given because of its location. The place is surrounded by hills and mountains. This certain portion of plain was the very center of the place where people used to go during Saturdays and Sundays.

Dated back in early 70's, PATAG was a prosperous daughter of Barangay Lun Masla. Due to the abundance of farm crops, many traders visited the place. Hence, many establishments were found in the place which lead the local officials at that time to initiate the passage of a resolution for the creation of PATAG as a barangay.

Years before its creation, there were already active leaders existed with whom the Barangay residents identified or called SITIO LEADERS. They were ANECITO INGENTE, VENANCIO BAYOY and many others. Then came a time that Mr. RAFAEL QUIBIERNE, SR. became a Barrio Councilman of Lun Masla, followed by Mr. MELECIO A. CAGANG and Mr. IGNACIO A. INGENTE, SR. No wonder, they were chosen to represent the people of the place during those years, PATAG is well-populated that caused the leaders planned for the creation of PATAG as a Barangay.Mr. MELECIO A. CAGANG, and Mr. IGNACIO A. INGENTE, Sr. were the ones who authored for the separation of Patag from Lun Masla. Thus, on March 14, 1985, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of South Cotabato declared PATAG, a barangay.

Immediately, after its declaration, Mr. MELECIO A. CAGANG, Sr., through a consultative election, won as a Barangay Captain against Mr. IGNACIO A. INGENTE, Sr. But, unluckily, he was not given the chance to serve the people because he was assassinated by the unidentified armed men on April 8, 1985. Right after the incident, the Municipal Mayor, Hon. Pyang L. Singcoy, appointed Mr. IGNACIO A. INGENTE, Sr. as a Barangay Captain. But, as what had happened to Mr. MELECIO A. CAGANG, he was also assassinated by the unidentified armed men on July 18, 1985.

Because of this assassinations, the people initiated the conduct of another Barangay Election.This was held at Patag Elementary School with whom Mr. SALIO B. TUNGGAK won as a Barangay Captain. The following were the elected Barangay Councilors:

•  Abundio D. Ocay

•  Rogelio O. Famindalan

•  Isaac Galvez

•  Sinsuat Daye

•  Rudy D. Abaro

•  Rodrigo de Dios, and

•  Rosendo B. Parina – Barangay Secretary

July 21, 1986, Barangay Councilman ABUNDIO D. OCAY was assassinated with his brother, EMMANUEL D. OCAY. Because of this, many people and traders transferred to other places, seeking for security and assurance of their lives. Insurgency, cattle rustling and robbery were rampant. Thus, the place likely became a ghost barangay. Their houses and establishments were deserted. Some barangay officials leave the place which lead to the appointment of Mr. RODOLFO C. LERIOS and MR. PIO COMPETENTE as new members of the council.

Year 1987, after the EDSA 1 Revolution where the OICs (Officer In-Charge) exist on almost all the Local Government Units, Mrs. LOLITA L. OCAY, wife of late ABUNDIO D. OCAY, became an Officer In-Charge with Mr. VERNIE C. CAGANG as KB Chairman and simultaneously act as a Barangay Secretary.

Year 1989, a synchronized Barangay Election was made. Mr. ROSENDO B. PARENA, won as the first Barangay Kagawad. Therefore, he was the one who became a Barangay Captain. The following were the set of Barangay Officials:

•  Lolita L. Ocay

•  Abelardo C. Salili, Sr.

•  Cecilio Vallinas

•  Alconcito D. Abaro

•  Mohamad M. Mang

•  Paterno B. Tunggak

Barangay Secretary : Zenaida A. Lorejas

Barangay Treasurer : Merlina C. Pasturan


On January 7, 1993, Barangay Captain ROSENDO B. PARENA died on a natural death and Mrs. LOLITA L. SALADERO (formerly OCAY) assumed office as OIC/ Barangay Captain while the third Barangay Kagawad, Mr. CECILIO VALLINAS was charged of Negligence of Duty due to his transfer of residence to General Santos City. Because of this, Mr. FRANCISCO B. IMAN, Sr. fills the vacant position by appointment on December 27, 1989. He took his Oath of Office at the Office of the Municipal Mayor.


Months after the assumption of Mrs. LOLITA L. SALADERO, Mr. ALFREDO M. ROCACORBA was then appointed as Barangay Kagawad to fill the vacant position of the council due to the death of Mr. ROSENDO B. PARENA.


Year 1994, another Barangay Election came. Mrs. LOLITA L. SALADERO won as the Punong Barangay against MR. PIO COMPETENTE and Mr. ALCONCITO D. ABARO. Mrs. SALADERO was the first Punong Barangay to finish her 3-year term with the Sangguniang Barangay Members and the appointive officials.

•  Abelardo C. Salili, Sr.

•  Francisco B. Iman, Sr.

•  Luciano S. Lorejas, Sr.

•  Elpedio A. Latorre

•  Dionisio A. Sarco

•  Naron B. Banda

•  Aurelio C. Cagang

•  Tomas M. Rodriguez – SK Chairperson


Barangay Secretary : Zenaida A. Lorejas

Barangay Treasurer : Desiderio C. Piamonte, II


Year 1997, Mr. ALCONCITO D. ABARO was elected as Punong Barangay against LOLITA L. SALADERO and ELPEDIO A. LATORRE. The Sangguniang Barangay members and appointive officials were as follows:


•  Salipada P. Mastura

•  Mohamad M. Mang

•  Eduardo D. Abaro

•  Dionisio A. Sarco

•  Abelardo C. Salili, Sr.

•  Conrado A. Policarpio

•  Armando R. Piamonte

•  Robert C. Salili - SK Chairperson


Barangay Secretary : Zenaida A. Famindalan

Barangay Treasurer: Desiderio C. Piamonte, II


On October 26, 2000, Punong Barangay Alconcito D. Abaro died on a gunshot wounds with his BPLK member . On November 7, 2000, Brgy. Kagawad SALIPADA P. MASTURA was also appointed as OIC/ Punong Barangay while Mr. MANUEL P. CABULONG was appointed to fill the vacant position of the Sangguniang Barangay.


July 16, 2002, Mrs. ZENAIDA A. LOREJAS was elected as Punong Barangay against SALIPADA P. MASTURA and MR. EDUARDO D. ABARO. Like other elections, there were also members of the Sangguniang Barangay, to wit:

•  Reynaldo O. Famindalan

•  Francisco B. Iman, Sr.

•  Joel C. Cagang

•  Mohamad M. Mang

•  Carlos B. Sogi

•  Reynoso C. Serato

•  Moring T. Yama

•  Iserlita O. Montes - SK Chairperson


Barangay Secretary : Rosemarie P. Sarsonas

Barangay Treasurer: Desiderio C. Piamonte, II


Year 2006, Mrs. ROSEMARIE Sarsonas ORTEGA resigned from her position being a Barangay Secretary. Right after her resignation, Mr. RYAN A. DELA CALZADA was appointed as the new Barangay Secretary. But on February of 2007, he resigned because he was hired as the Call Center agent. Immediately, Mrs. ISERLITA M. RODRIGUEZ filled the vacant position as a Barangay Secretary. Also, Mrs. LENY P. SARSONAS, the first SK Kagawad, filled as the new SK Chairperson.


On October, 2007, Mrs. ZENAIDA A. FAMINDALAN (formerly LOREJAS) won again as a Punong Barangay against Mr. JOMAR R. PIAMONTE and Mr. RODRIGO I. OCAY. Below were the Sangguniang Barangay Members and the appointive officials:

•  Eduardo D. Abaro

•  Tomas M. Rodriguez

•  Noel G. Policarpio

•  Abelardo C. Salili, Sr.

•  Dione M. Sucal

•  Francisco B. Iman, Sr.

•  Rafael M. Quibierne, Jr.

•  Cahrloue A Tunggak - SK Chairperson


Barangay Secretary : Iserlita M. Rodriguez

Barangay Treasurer : Desiderio C. Piamonte, II


On October 26, 2010, Mrs. ZENAIDA A. FAMINDALAN, for her third term as Punong Barangay, won again the electoral race against mr. JOMAR R. PIAMONTE. Below were the Sagguniang Barangay members and the appointive officials:


•  Moring T. Yama

•  Larigo B. Tunggak

•  Francisco B. Iman, Sr.

•  Salipada P. Mastura

•  Mohamad M. Mang

•  Eduardo D. Abaro

•  Vernie C. Cagang

•  Jowel C. Abaro - SK Chairperson


Barangay Secretary : Desiderio C. Piamonte, II

Barangay Treasurer: Iserlita M. Rodriguez


February of 2011, r. CARLOS B. SOGI, assumed office as IPMR (Indigenous People's Mandatory Representative) who took his oath of office at the Municipal Mayor, Hon. ALFONSO M. SINGCOY, Sr.


March of the same year, Ms. ROSHELLE G. SINGCOY, fill in the position as SK Chairperson due to the resignation of Mr. JOWEL C. ABARO. This was so because the later needs to undergo On the Job Training (apprenticeship), related to his course. He was on board at RD Fishing Vessel at New Guinea.


April 7, same year, Mr. DESIDERIO C. PIAMONTE, II resigned as a Barangay Secretary which made the position vacant for almost three months. July 1, 2011, Mr. MARJUN A. OCAY was appointed Barangay Secretary and served until November 30, 2013.


On October, 2013, Mr. JOMAR R. PIAMONTE, won as the Punong Barangay against Mr. LARIGO B. TUNGGAK. The following are the new set of officials:










Barangay Secretary : ROSEMARIE S. ORTEGA

Barangay Treasurer : FELIPE C. IMAN


Mr. CARLOS B. SOGI, the Indigenous People's Mandatory Representative remains the position until he finish his three year term on January, 2016, unless re-selected.


Date of Creation of the Barangay - March 15, 1985

Enabling Law - Resolution No. 07, Series of

1985 of the Sangguniang

Panlalawigan of South



Location and Total Land Area

Barangay Patag is located in the mountainous town of Malapatan. It is located north east of Poblacion Malapatan. It has a total area of approximately 2,176 hectares covered with grasses, farmcrops, coconuts and tropical trees. It is seven (7) kilometers distance from the brgy. Poblacion . It is bounded by Barangay Daan Suyan on the East, Barangay Lun Padidu on the West, Masla River on the North and Barangay Libi on the South.

The total land area is 2,176 hectares. It is classified into different land use: 1,346.79 hectares as Forest/Timber lands, 274.11 hectares as crop lands, 6.28 hectares as 6.28 hectares, 21.38 hectares as roads, 4.40 hectares as rivers or creeks, 523.04 as pasture lands.

Since the inhabitants is rich in agricultural resource, generally agriculture,farming, and labor are their main occupation.

Infrastructure facilities with good condition that can be found in the area are waiting shed, elementary school building, Day Care Center, churches, Driers, basketball courts, barangay hall, prk centers, deepwells, health clinic, on going spring development and bailey bridge.

Barangay Patag has 12 sitios/puroks namely Purok Mastura, Purok 1 proper, Purok 2 proper, Purok 3 proper, Purok 4 proper, Sitio Malakutay, Sitio Bital 1, Sitio Bital 2, Tocablao 1, Tocablao 2, Tocablao 3, and Sitio Cabalud.

About Malapatan

Malapatan is a first class municipality in the province of Sarangani, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 72,386 people. As of 2010, it has a total voting population of 35,569 voters.

Malapatan is bounded on the west by Sarangani Bay, on the east by Davao del Sur, on the north by Alabel, and on the south by Glan.