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Lun Padidu

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During the 15 th century, Sarip Kabungsuan of Saudi Arabia, with his Ulamas arrived in Kuta Wato ( now, Cotabato City ) and introduced Islam and Datuism as a way of life and government system, respectively. Sarip Kabungsuan established himself as the First Sultan of Mindanao. Islam and Datuism developed the life of Maguindanaons, Maranaos and other Lumads who joined the ruling majority and bundled these different tribes into complete unity.

When the first group of Maguindanaons arrived in Barangay Lun Padidu, like family of Brahim ( father of Batil, Diamalod ug Nalud ), Angoling ( father of Unos, Daya ug Andalawi ), Segil ( father of Sanawi ) and Musa Fandong ( father of Omalmaya ), noticed in the northern part, a small river and they call it Lun Padidu ( nowadays ), meaning “Lun”- river and “Padidu”- small.

But before the arrival of the first group of maguindanaons, the Lumads ( B'laans ) dominated the area as their settlement sites. In their own dialect, called the area as “Tucay Luan” meaning, small river and the maguindanaons, made the name Lun Padidu as official name of the area.

There were two lumads who firstly settled and dominated the area ( upland and lowland ), named Plasab ( brother ) and Ble , ( the sister ). Ble had sent noticed to Plasab ( upland ) to come down ( lowland ) to undergo ritual to become a follower of Islam Religion. But according to Plasab , no need to have a ritual for the purpose instead be yourself the follower of Islam. He added, better to divide the upland and lowland area, dominate the lowland portion that includes the seashore and I'l take responsibility the upland area.

In the early part of 20 th century, the Americans made a great impact in Mindanao in their policy of attraction. This policy was implemented by creation of Christian settlements in Mindanao.

First settlers of Christian migrated in Malapatan particularly in Lun Padidu were, family of Orlino, Gagni, Millona and Cacho .

During the succeeding years, many Christian settlers mostly from Visayas migrated in the area. They occupied and cultivated the rich virgin lands. However, the Lumads ( B'laans ) tribes who relied much of their daily needs with the natural environment, rapidly lost their economic stability due to the decreasing of agricultural abundancy and hunting ground, decided to vacate and went to upland areas.

Barangay Lun Padidu was created by virtue of Executive Order 250 dated July 25, 1949 of the President of the Republic of the Philippines, His Excellency Elpidio Quirino.

Upon the creation, Conrado Gagni appointed as first Teniente del Barrio. Succeeded by Mangacop Unos, Urbano Gregorio, Casimiro Sionosa, and Buenaventura Galvez, Sr.. Prior to the 1963 election, Lumanda Panayaman was appointed in lieu of Buenaventura Galvez, Sr..

In year 1963, first barangay election was held and Lorenzo Capunong fortunately won the position of Barrio Captain, with him, the set of barrio council were Urbano Gregorio, Panfilo Peneula, Freddie Aposter, Felomino Arlanza, Miya Adam ug Felino Caberoy. During that period, Catel Bakal and Mansa Tambi were appointed as BSDU.

Another barangay election was held in year 1969, and Narciso Jopson elected as Barrio Captain and the council members were Lasad Abdon, Marcial Saladero, Felino Caberoy, Panfilo Penuela, Freddie Aposter and Felomino Arlanza .

Through Law of Succession, Lasad Abdon became the Barrio Captain when Narciso Jopson deliberately met an incident that caused his life in death in year 1972.

Year 1979, Barrio Captain Lasad Abdon decided to file a candidacy for the position of municipal councilor in local election and fortunately won. Marcial Saladero as number two barrio councilor, took the position as barrio captain. Year 1980, when election in the barangay was held, Marcial Saladero overwhelmingly won as barrio captain with council members, Lorenzo Capunong, Felino Caberoy, Panfilo Peneula, Bonifacio Alvarado, Gaudencio Pilapil, Abdul Sali ug Mariano Fuentes. Leonardo Parojinog and Anecito Visitas, appointed as Barangay Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. While, Latip Morsal, represented the Kabataang Barangay. Due to unavoidable circumstances, Barrio Council Member Abdul Sali lost his life and Norila Bahasuan replaced the vacant position in the council.

In the same year, Lun Padidu Barangay High School was re- opened through the efforts of Barangay Officials and Mr. Modesto Escalada. The first group of mentors were Daisy L. Lanje, Concepcion Mateo, Erlinda Gillo- ano, Mr. Ildefonso Miral, Mr. Plebicito Decolongon and the Teacher In- Charge was Oliva V. Jaham.

Again, Barrio Captain Marcial Saladero, won the 1989 barangay election, considering the highest vote garnered, followed by Juanito Montecillanos, Efren Lorega, Herminigildo Equinan, Rosie Mijares, Jinal Panayaman, Ponciano Ponce ug Joy Duga. Jose Abaro appointed as barangay secretary and Marilyn Serato as barangay treasurer. Bernie Aguasa represented the Kabataang Barangay.

In year 1992, when Barangay Captain Marcial Saladero and first barangay councilor Juanito Montecillanos decided to file a candidacy for the local election, Efren Lorega, as third barangay councilor assumed the office as Barangay Captain of Lun Padidu. To complete the set of barangay council, Latip Morsal and Castor Hinlog, Sr., appointed as Barangay Councilors.


Year 1994, Jinal B. Panayaman, won as Barangay Captain, with him, were Barangay Councilors Latip Morsal, Vivencio Bermonde, Rosie Mijares, Londrigo Abasolo, Musa Mang, Loreto Capunong and Herminigildo Equinan. Jose Abaro remained as Barangay Secretary while Marilyn Serato was replaced through appointment by Erlinda Soguilon, as Barangay Treasurer. Romeo Abdon representing the Sangguniang Kabataan of Lun Padidu.

But prior to the 1997 barangay election, Erlinda Soguilon resigned from her post as Treasurer and immediately replaced by Jocelyn Labid ( now, Tulda ) while Lalaine Abueme ( now, Castaños ), replaced Jose Abaro as Barangay Secretary when the latter resigned from his post and looking for a greener pasture.

Year 1997, when barangay election was held, Jinal B. Panayaman won again as Barangay Captain and his barangay council members were , Latip Morsal, Virgilo Abueme, Primo Paracuelles, Londrigo Abasolo, Saidon Abdon, Alex Musa and Ruben Braza, Sr.. Jocelyn Tulda ( Treasurer ) ug Lalaine Castaňos ( Secretary ) remained in their respective position. Si Jean Diego ( now, delos Santos ) represented Sangguniang Kabataan.

In 2002 barangay election, Latip Morsal won as Barangay Captain. And the barangay councilors were, Balahim Panayaman, Saidon Abdon, Jean delos Santos , Virgilio Abueme, Alex Musa, Londrigo Abasolo ug Abdulrahman Batil. Jocelyn Tulda and Lalaine Castaños still the appointed treasurer and secretary, respectively. Mariel Silva won against her opponents in an Sangguniang Kabataan race.

In year 2003, month of May, Barangay Councilor Abdulrahman Batil, lost his life and his eldest son, Oliver Batel, replaced his position in the council.

Another barangay election was held in year 2007, Alexander C. Figuracion won the race. The elected barangay councilors were Jean D. Delos Santos, Elmer M. Diodina, Rogelio N. Eda, Balahim B. Panayaman, Virgilio L. Abueme, Richard G. Escalada and Oliver H. Batil. While Jocelyn L. Tulda and Lalaine A. Castaῆos re- appointed as barangay treasurer and secretary, respectively. Mariel Audrey E. Butiong won as Sangguniang Kabataan representative.

Barangay Councilor Balahim B. Panayaman met a natural death in June 3, 2009 and his eldest son Wilson Panayaman take the responsibility and serve the unexpired term.

In year 2010, Alexander C. Figuracion, once again, won the barangay election as second termer, the members of barangay council were, Mariel Audrey E. Butiong, Robert A. Morsal, Abdul B. Panayaman, James P. Mijares, Rolando G. Bandiola, Elmer M. Diodina and Rogelio N. Eda. Jinel P. Fermasis won as Sangguniang Kabatan- onan representative. Jinky R. Escalada appointed as new barangay secretary while Jocelyn L. Tulda remained her post as barangay treasurer.


In year 2013 barangay election, Jean D. Delos Santos, won the race as barangay captain and with her were barangay councilors Jose R. Caparos, Robert A. Morsal, Virgilio L. Abueme, Elmer M. Diodina, Abdul B. Panayaman, Rene U. Kamid and Arnel S. Fermasis. Gaudencio C. Callaga appointed as Indigenous People's Mandatory Representative ( IMPR ). Langkahura B. Kamid appointed as new barangay secretary and Jocelyn L. Tulda remained as barangay treasurer.

Through the issuance of DILG Circular No_______ , the national government mandated all Barangay Local Government Units to organize an SK Task Force to represent the youth sector in the community. The appointed Youth Development Task Force are the following:

•  Sittie Ayesha P. Abdon

•  Emee G. Fuertes

•  Kent Lowel P. Saplad

•  Abdul John Paul Diale

•  Beyle Boy T. Ewican

•  Maria Cristee Tween Belda

•  Ellah R. Pahuwayan

•  Marifer H. Saplad

Nowadays, Barangay Lun Padidu, considered locally as center of trade and commerce, has various infrastructure projects constructed and programs from the national and local agencies and non- government organizations and foreign funding agencies. Private Financial Individuals invested millions of pesos and of the same, contributes the income generating of the government and create employment, like SANACOR and RD AQUA FARMS and Banana Plantation, Local Fishing Industry. Agri- business and agricultural sector focus on production of farm products.

Due to abundance of sources of livelihood in the community, PANANGGI FESTIVAL was organized through a Barangay Ordinance No. 01, Series of 2014, purposely, to give thanks and promotion of different products in the locality. The celebration is dated in consonance with barangay anniversary. The community believes that this festival simply and positively bring the economic sustainability, tourism recognition and festive participation.

Location and Total Land Area

Barangay Lun Padidu is bounded on the North by   Municipality of Alabel, on the East by Barangay Daan Suyan, on the South by   Lun Masla, and on the West by   Sarangani Bay. Figure 1 shows the Location Map and Figure 2 shows the Map of Lun Padidu.




About Malapatan

Malapatan is a first class municipality in the province of Sarangani, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 72,386 people. As of 2010, it has a total voting population of 35,569 voters.

Malapatan is bounded on the west by Sarangani Bay, on the east by Davao del Sur, on the north by Alabel, and on the south by Glan.