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Daan Suyan

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Greetings of Peace!

Barangay Development Plan (2015-2019) serve as Barangay Book to each Barangay to help and remind the Barangay Officials to govern better to its constituents, facilitating better management, involve people community empowerment and prioritize the needs of the people.

The Liga ng Barangay as partner of the National Government in the achieving Municipal and Provincial Development Goals encourage each Barangay Officials to serve better to its constituents.

As Punong Barangay, I know that this Barangay Development Plan was not enough to serve my people but with the community empowerment, unity, cooperation, and untiring efforts of the barangay officials with the help of the other agencies, we believe that years will come that the Barangay Daan Suyan will become more progressive and more developed barangay.

Padayon sa Pag uswag Barangay Daan Suyan!


Punong Barangay



In 1930's, Daan Suyan was called in Blaan Diaclect as Sitio BURASH meaning Sandy ( in English term ). The word Sitio Burash came from the two Datu's, namely, Datu Bangalan Senon and Datu Segafu. The word Burash turned into T'raan Suyan popularly known since from the ancestors of the lumads ( b'laan ) which is came from the Vifer Suyan and Lun Masla river. Lun Masla is a slim word while Bong Luan is a Blaan word means big river. Those are their Fulong:

1940's Datu San Diale

1950's Fulong Tibong Manggan

1953's Maning Caban ( Teniente del Barrio )

1954's – 1971 Datu Talful Segafu ( Teniente del Barrio )

1972 ( April 18 ) T'raan Suyan was changed into Daan Suyan through the able leadership of Former Mayor Pyang L. Singcoy of Municipality of Malapatan and Datu Talful Segafu appointed as Teniente del Barrio.


It was the year Daan Suyan registered and recognized as barangay. Daan Suyan created last April 18, 1972 by the Honorable Pyang L. Singcoy when Malapatan recognized as Municipality. Then Barangay Daan Suyan was immediately separated from the Municipality of Glan and transferred to the territorial jurisdiction of the newly created municipality. The first tenyente del Barrio was Datu Talful Segafu.

Barangay Daan Suyan has an estimated land area of 3,600 sq. Kilometers where a greater portion of it is an agricultural, the main source of income of the populace. The primary farm products are copra and corn, and they produce also upland rice, coffee, peanuts and other cash crops. The way of transportation is through weapon carrier and habal- habal ( single motor ) from & to coastal areas. They use the horses and carabaos in transporting their products from the farms to Barangay Proper. In year 1974, Barangay Daan Suyan experienced a major threat from Black Shirt ( Ilaga ) and BAMA under the command of SERGIO TEN LUMAWAS and LAGSILON SANGCALA, MANAWA, KAWIT MINGCAT of Ulo Kibo Tu yan Striking Force. Year 1982, a harassment and hold- up was held in Sitio Proper headed by a certain BOY MACAPOBRE. Belongings and other jewelries amounted to more or less P 100,000.00 were taken. By year 1985, FLM 71 under the Front Committee headed by KA BRIGOL ( JESUS BARIQUIT ), COMMANDER JACK and COMMANDER FIDO conducted the operation within the Sitio Proper resulted the death of Barangay Captain TALFUL SEGAFU and ICHDF TAGUI MAMMON and KINA SAN. Another group also harassed the Sitio Proper headed by BANDIT SERGIO PANGILINAN and GASON LASAWANG.

Due to this unpeaceful situation and sad experienced, the council and the community decided to request additional government armed men to have a detachment in the area for protection purposes. They are;

1980's – 46 IB under Sgt. Gulilaw, Sony Pablito Descotido

1986 – 37 IB PA KIDF's Comdr. Matias Hilado

1989 – CAA's 25th COY PA under Sgt. Jati

29th COY under Sgt. Marcos

1991 up to present– 11th COY Special Forces with the asssitance of Civilian Volunteer Organization headed by the Barangay Captain. This composite team will strengthened the implementation of barangay ordinances particularly the ordinance regarding curfew hours.


The community composed of different tribes like B'laan, Cebuano, Bicolano, Maguindanaon, Ilonggo, Aklanon, Ilocano and Boholano. The B'laan tribe dominated the population comprised up to 70%. Farming is their major means of livelihood . The Foundation Anniversary of the barangay falls on the date of death of Barangay Captain TALFUL SEGAFU and CHDF TAGUI MAMMON & KINA SAN.


List of Present Barangay officials (2013-2016)

Hon. Elvira S. Opong - Punong Barangay

Hon. Aldwin Rey Tenerife - Barangay Councilor

Hon. Leo Edsel Valenzuela - Barangay Councilor

Hon. Alden M. Dian - Barangay Councilor

Hon. Salvador C. Banas - Barangay Councilor

Hon. Sherly S. Domingo - Barangay Councilor

Hon. Elizalde P. Segafu - Barangay Councilor

Hon. Herminigildo E. Olog - Barangay Councilor

Hon. Margarita G. Depaz - Barangay Treasurer

Ms. Jovelyn O. Masla - Barangay Secretary

Fulong Matias M. Hilado - Ip's representative


Location and Total Land Area

In figure 1 below show that barangay Daan Suyan is one of the six (6) upland barangay of the municipality. It is bounded by the north by barangay Kihan, barangay Patag and Lun Padidu on the west , on the east by Upper Suyan and on the south by barangay Kinam and Lun Masla.

Barangay Daan Suyan has an estimated land area of 3,340 hectares where a greater portion is the agricultural area as the main source of income of populace. The primary farm products are copra and corn also farmer produce upland rice, coffee, peanuts and other.

Existing land use of barangay Daan Suyan; residential area is estimated to 2.03 hectares, commercial area have 0.27 hectares, institutional, 2.96 hectares. Agricultural is the largest land use of 2,655.33 hectares followed by forest/brushland area of 520.43 hectares while buffer zone or the riparian zone of river and creeks land use placed 60.23 hectares and 16.30 hectares is road network of Daan Suyan –Kihan, FMR and and from boundary of Lun Padidu – Daan Suyan proper, FMR.

Table 1: Existing Land Use, Daan Suyan

Existing Land Use

Land Area

% Weight













Forest/Brushland Area






Rivers/Creeks/Buffer Zone



Road Network







Location Map of Daan Suyan

Barangay Daan Suyan aggregate 5.35% share in the total land area of the Municipality of Malapatan and composed of 21 puroks/sitios. Barangay Daan Suyan lies on least plain landform of only 6% more or less of their total area while the largest area is hilly to mountainous and very steep above 50% slope. The agricultural areas are mostly occupied by 87.9% of indigenous people (B'laan) where farming is their major source of income . Since, the largest inhabitant source of employment status is generally farming and labourer occupation.

Service delivery worker presents in the sitios with highly effective service for the people. They gained support in terms of salary and operation fund from the barangay municipal, provincial and national government.

Available means of transportation from the community to Poblacion Malapatan and General Santos City are single motorcycle and any 4-wheel vehicle. In case of volume farm produce, trader's vehicle is requested.

The type of infrastructure facilities that are operational in the area are health center, elementary and high school building, bridges, day care center, SNPs, churches, solar driers/basketball courts, barangay hall, purok centers, multi-purpose building, women's association center. , kasfala hall, military makeshift post and farm to market roads (Daan Suyan-Kihan and Lun Padidu-Daan Suyan, FMR).


About Malapatan

Malapatan is a first class municipality in the province of Sarangani, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 72,386 people. As of 2010, it has a total voting population of 35,569 voters.

Malapatan is bounded on the west by Sarangani Bay, on the east by Davao del Sur, on the north by Alabel, and on the south by Glan.