Upper Suyan

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Ang Barangay Upper Suyan usa sa pinakalayo nga Barangay sakop sa Munisipyu sa Malapatan ug aduna kini 26 ka sitios nga gilangkuban niini, ang barangay officials ug ang katawhan sa lugar dugay nga panahon nangandoy ug kalambuan subay kini sa gikinahanglan sa katawhan sama sa pagpalambo sa ilang ekonomiya nga aspeto ug pagpaangat/pagpreserba sa ilang kultura pinaagi sa pagtinabangay sa mga lideres sa tribo ug mga barangay officials.

Ang Barangay Upper Suyan, naghimo ug lakang/plano nga mabuo ang usa ka programa para sa pagplastar

ug PLANO SA KALAMBUAN SA BARANGAY (Barangay Development Plan) nga maoy basehanan sa pagprayoridad sa gikinahanglan sa katawhan nga mga proyekto sulod sa lima ka tuig nga plano uban sa pag facilitate gikan sa Provincial Government Unit ug sa Municipal Government aron mamugna ang pag himo ug plano para sa kalambuan sa barangay.

Usa sa mga damgo sa mga Barangay Officials sa Upper Suyan, mao ang pag implementar sa mga proyekto ngadto sa katawhan sama sa; Farm to Market Road (FMR) nga kung sa diin makalingkawas ang katawhan sa ilang kalisod diha sa pag transport sa ilang mga prudokto, Pag-implementar sa Elektripikasyon (SOCOTECO), Pagtukod ug mga school building, Day Care Building aron mapaangat ang kahimtang sa hisgutanang edukasyun para sa mga kabataan sa barangay Upper Suyan, Pag implement sa Health Program nga kung sa diin malikayan ang problema kabahin sa malnutrisyon sa mga kabataan sa lugar.

Pinaagi niini nga mga mayorya nga programa makab-ot ang kalinaw ug kalambuan sa barangay. Pinaagi sa pagpatuman sa atong Local nga panggamhanan, kining mga programa mamahimong magmalamposon sulod sa lima ka tuig.

Sa katapusan, dako ang akong pagpasalamat sa mga katawhan nga nagpartisipar, ilabina sa atong Provincial Government, Municipal Government ug sa BLGU Upper Suyan aron mahimo kining lima ka tuig nga plano para sa

kalambuan sa barangay.

Daghang Salamat , God Bless us All !




Punong Barangay



Long time ago before the river of Suyan was named, the place has been surrounded with trees, plains and forests. There were many tall and sturdy trees in the forest such as Narra, Molave, “Dao”, Sambulawan, “Lawaan”, “Salong”, “Almasiga” and other fruit-bearing trees as well as beautiful flowers and medicinal plants that people usually consumed for alternative therapies. Aside from the growing number of trees, there were many animals inhabited in Suyan such as monkey, worms, snakes (cobra, phyton, rattle snake), different kind of birds (eagles, parrot, “lawin”, “maya”, scavengers, “kalaw”) and livestock animals like pigs and chicken. The Upper Suyan was composed of river that flows through with different fishes such as “kasili”, “owing”, “piyo”, “isdang paitan” and “bakin”. In the upper side of Suyan, there were caves that explicitly displays the beauty of nature. With the total land area of Suyan years ago, it was composed of 65% mountainous area, 30% plains, and 5% cliffs. In the past years, the climate of Suyan was well-balanced. This is how the Upper Suyan looks like years ago.

Based on the old records, the Lumad Blaan were the first tribe that inhabited Upper Suyan. Artifacts were retrieved from the remnances in caves, trees, rivers and other places that served as the meeting place and habitat of Lumads. These Blaans long lived wearing only “bahag” for men and small piece of clothing for women called “Tapis” made from animal skins, tree barks, and abaka or banana leaves. They even used the same piece of garments for their newborns. Both men and women have the same hair length which is usually long. Usually, when they die, they put the bodies on top of balite trees, large rocks, caves and they transfer to live in other place where they can find enough food resources. When the fire has not yet discovered, they just put their food under the heat of the sun before eating. Their foods included fruits, leaves, tree barks, honey and other source of food such as animals. Since there were no cooking utensils yet, the Blaans used their axes, “kawayan”, and other broken tree stems. These are the ways how the first inhabitants of Upper Suyan lived in the past years.

How Upper Suyan Got Its Name

Before the river of Suyan was named, the ancestors have made a story on how Suyan came to be. Long ago, there is a father and son who tried tracing the river flow. While walking, they saw huge rocks that rolled over the mountainous part of the land. These rocks rolled separately and stopped in both sides of the river creating a small cave in the lower part of the river where the water continuously flowed. Because of stubborn attitude, some child climb over one of the rocks to play. His father called them out and shouted “SUYANAN!!!” Since the mother can't understand Cebuano well, the river was called “SUYAN” instead.

The term “Upper” is based from Blaan word “Kano..lagad oh tah” or Cebuano word “ibabaw or itaas”. It is used by the interpreter of missionaries whenever they go to the mountains in order to talk to the tribes in the area so that they won't get lost in the mountains. The language has been widely used in communication until the tribal community adapted their language. Then the place was coined as Upper Suyan.

Creation of Barangay UPPER SUYAN

In the mountains of Upper Suyan year 1940-1945, the militaries/armies were assigned in the area during the American invasion. Policarpo/Reymundo “Moy” Millona is a veteran soldier assigned in Upper Suyan. He later give “Dwaya” to Calon Yatoy but married Filiza Dalawan who is also a Blaan in the locality. Due to the basic knowledge of the Bicolanos tribe, they influenced the blaan in terms on development by livelihood programs, agency linkages, increased religious affiliations. Missionaries came to Upper Suyan and introduced UCCP or United Church of Christ in the Philippines which is the first sector in UCCP in Upper Suyan especially supported by Moy Millona and his wife. The American missionaries made programs for their community in different sectors such as Education, Agriculture, Cooperatives, Spiritual, and Health. The missionaries saw potential on Abaca making of the people due to its rich in natural resource. Thus in 1950s, the missionaries sent machines to weave and produce abaka. Moy Millona used these machines for the people's abaka production.

Every December 25, during Christmas, Moy Milliona and his wife always celebrate “salo salo” in their house for the residents. In December 25, 1984, people celebrated with the Millona family and exchanged ideas on how to uplift their socio-economic living. According to Moy Millona, Upper Suyan should be an official barangay to receive more government-funded programs and projects. Starting thereof, they set another gathering or meeting in January 16, 1985 in birthday of Millona. They decided to put up an organization called “ADHOC KOMOTIBA” that will create plans for the community. The Chairperson is “Moy” Millona and the members are Mr. Lumayas T. Colano, Sammy Daka, former Salimama Mental, Leganao B. Bayang, Martinez Mulo, Saico MAnte Sr., Secretary Romulo T. Palawan and treasurer is Antonio Dayag, these are officials of the organization. Due to the organization, they made a regular assemblies twice every month aside from the urgent meetings. With this meeting, they set the responsibilities in every committee person and meeting schedule starting on the first day of March 1985. Moy Millona and Filiza donated 12 hectares of land for the residents. April 6, 1985, the couple went to the lawyer for notarization of the donated land through the Municipality of Malapatan, South Cotabato. Along with this appointment, they submitted request for ordinance and resolution in making the Upper Suyan as an official Barangay. The Daan Suyan disapprove the plan but Mayor Pyang Singcoy settled in to avoid conflicts. She precided a session regarding the proposal of Upper Suyan as a barangay. It was resolved and in October 4, 1985, under resolution #244, ordinance #16, the Upper Suyan became officially a regular barangay. sugod sa Oktubre 4,1985, ilhon na nga Upper Suyan, regular Barangay na ug gimando-an na ang komelek nga motakdag Plebisito sa nobembre 16, 1985. With the succeeding meetings, the ADHOC committee decided to appoint barangay officials as follows: Barangay Captain- Former Raymundo “Moy” Millona , Barangay Councilors: Saiao Mante Sr., Salimama Mental, Leganao B. Bayang,Martiniz Molo, Sammy Daca and Lumayas Colano. Secretary Romulo T. Palawan and treasurer Antonio Dayag.

Romulo Palawan resigned and Marinas Diorepito took the position. In the same point in time, the ADHOC was changed into Upper Suyan Barangay Council. They organized an anniversary event with the lead of Moy Millona to recorgnize the memory of his father Policarpo Millona in January 16.

When Moy Millona died, he was replaced by Sayao Mante Sr. And years after, Sayao Mante Sr. died. Simeon Palawan became the new barangay captain. He didn't finish his second term because he died. Thus, Christopher Millona took place as the barangay captain because he is the top of the councillor list. During th 2002 election, Bertulo Cawan was voted as the barangay captain from 2002-2007. The councilors were Cristino Yatoy, Maria Mante, Boyet Ogan, Francisco Palawan, Roxas San, Dionesio Balbino, Loreto Diale, Ferboy Balbino was the SK Chairman. Titus Mandalo became the Secretary and Mr. William Mante was the treasurer. During the time of Captain Bertulo Cawan, they planned to establish a Detachment in barangay Upper Suyan and programs for community development. An election was made in October 2007, Cristino Yatoy won as the barangay captain. Other winning councilors for year 2007-2010:

1. Boyet S. Ogan

2. Christopher B. Millona

3. Titus D. Mandalo

4. Abraham D. Dalufo

5. Francisco M. Palawan

6. David G. Matag

7. Nenita Y. Mante

8.Herwin M. Cunah – SK Chairman

9. Manuel T. Balando – Barangay Secretary

10. William P. Mante – Barangay Treasurer

After 3 years, year 2010, Cristino Yatoy still won as the barangay captain over Bertulo Cawan and the barangay councilors are:

1. Roxas San

2. Christopher Millona

3. Boyet Ogan

4. Titus Mandalo

5. Edwin Aday

6. Maria Mante

7. Loreto Diale

8. Mildre S. Mandalo – SK Chairwoman

9. Pascual Palawan – I.P. Reprentative

10. Manuel T. Balando – Barangay Secretary

11. William P. Mante – Barangay Treasurer

12. Beltran Cawan – Barangay Clerk

Due to an unfortunate event, Cristino Yatoy haven't finished his term. He died April 6, 2013. But he already started projects/programs such as Infrastructure Project, Health Programs, Education Programs, Water System, support to CAFGU through livelihood, “Galingan sa barangay” and other community services. Roxas San replaced Cristino Yatoy as the barangay Captain for 6 months.

In year 2013 election, Roxas San discontinued his role as the barangay captain and became barangay councillor instead. Boyet Ogan won as the Barangay Captain over Bertulo Cawan. These are the Upper Suyan councilors:


1. Titus Mandalo

2. Christopher Millona

3. Henry Yatoy

4. Beltran Cawan

5. Roxas San

6. Bembie Anyong

7. Jolito Rodolfo

8. Pascual Palawan – I.P. Representative

9. Manuel T. Balando – Barangay Secretary

10. William Mante – Barangay treasurer

11. Rodgino Dalufo – Barangay


Barangay Chairman, Boyet Ogan, continued the previous projects and programs such as infrastructure development DepEd school buildings, daycare and SNP building, rehabilitation of FMs in Barangay Upper Suyan, electrification projects, establishment of water systems in puroks,

Cleanliness programs, perimeter fence and drainage canal development. Aside from those programs and projects, the peace and order programs developed with the additional trainings and seminars especially the creation of youth CAFGU in the barangay. There are also additional programs in the improvement of health, disaster preparedness and management as well as agriculture.


2013-2016 officials

1. HON. BOYET S. OGAN - Punong barangay

2. hon. titus d. mandalo - barangay councilor

3. hon. Christopher b. millona- barangay councilor

4. hon. henry c. yatoy - barangay councilor

5. hon. beltran o. cawan - barangay councilor

6. hon. roxas b. san - barangay councilor

7. hon. bembie m. anyong - barangay councilor

8. hon. jolito m. Rodolfo - barangay councilor

9. fulong pascual m. Palawan- i.p. representative

10. mr. manuel t. balando - barangay secretary

11. mr. William p. mante - barangay treasurer


Location and Total Land Area

Barangay Upper Suyan is one of the upland barangay of Municipality of Malapatan. It is bounded on the East by  the Province of Davao Occidental , on the South by Barangay Kihan, on the North by  Barangay Kinam and on the West by  Barangay Daan Suyan . Figure 1 shows the Location Map and Figure 2 shows the Map of Upper Suyan.