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The Vision & Mission



“A competitive agro-industrial municipality with sustainable progressive self-reliant and vigilant community living in an ecologically balanced environment.”

The rationalize LGU vision statement is created based on the proceeding municipal visions, desirable to come- up, less dependency on IRA towards self-reliant LGU, improves the delivery of services, financially stable government by improving local revenue sourcing and to decrease the incidence of poverty as a central concern of sustainable development. LGU vision also serves as inspiration and guide of the local government on sustainable community environment awareness and progress attend to be a challenge of stake into development.


Vision Elements and Success Indicators

Vision Elements





Success Indicators







Superior products at competitive costs

Increased number, volume & value of


Highly competitive human resource


export quality products (BFAD



meeting global standards


accredited and Halal certified)





Increased number of highly skilled &






employable people (professionals)





Joint venture & PPP ventures






Agro industrialized

High value agricultural and fishery

Increased area for agriculture








Agri-based light industries present (not

Increased area in plantation based



highly extractive industries)


agriculture (high value crops)





Increased agri and fishery-based











Increased investment infused in agri-






based micro-industries






Progressive community

People are provided with basic services

Increased access to quality education,



Primary health care


health care and other basic services



Free elementary education

Decrease in poverty incidence



Affordable food

All households have decent shelter



Shelter for the poor

Adequate infrastructure facilities for



Basic infrastructure


production, health care, education,






transport, justice, security, power,






water, sanitation, a other services






that are environmentally compliant





Day care and health centers present






in all barangays and big sitios or
















Availability and accessibility to





communication facilities




All Households have access to power





and safe drinking water




Presence of waste containment area




Adequate peace & justice facilities




Rehabilitation centers and/or half





way home for the street children,





juvenile delinquents, women, elders,





and victims of abuse




Philhealth accredited health centers




Indigents enrolled to Philhealth






Self-reliant community

Sufficient food

No family below food threshold


Jobs for the employables

Increased income




Increase of affordable adequate food





in the market




Zero malnutrition among mothers





and children






Vigilant community

Strengthened capability to participate

People’s issues and concern adopted



in policy, plan formulation,


and integrated in the development



implementation, monitoring and






Presence of gender and culture


God-fearing citizenry


sensitive development programs and


Access to information






God-fearing citizens




Respect, enrichment, and





preservation of tri-people culture




Well-informed citizenry






Ecologically -balanced

Balanced ecology

Fully reforested and vegetated





mountains and plains




Rich mangrove forest




Bountiful and attractive coast and









Clean and resource-rich rivers




Presence of wild life and other





species returning




Clean and orderly communities and









Properly managed solid waste









Strong CSO and citizen participation





for a well-managed ecosystems






LGU-Malapatan shall ensure and support the respective territorial jurisdiction in the preservation and enrichment of culture promote health and safety, enhance the right of the people to a balanced ecology, encourage and optimize development appropriate in self reliant community confirm through scientific technological capabilities, improve public morals, enhance economic prosperity and social justice, promote full employment among residents, maintain peace and order, and preserve the comfort and convenience of their inhabitants. The Local Government Unit of Malapatan simplifies and rationalizes the vision statement of the municipality.




The primary mission of the municipality is the promotion of the general welfare of its human resources. Each shall deliver basic services in full range, shall endeavor to attain peace and shall enhance its natural resources.




Uplift the living condition of individual households in the locality with effective delivery of basic service and facilities and proper utilization and distribution of local resources concerning social justice towards progressive communities in a balanced ecology of our municipality.




The following objectives are being considered in the revision of Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP), to wit:

To rehabilitate, preserve and properly utilize the natural resources endowment of the municipality;

To develop empowered and vigilant citizenry;

To identify the specific development potentials of the municipality ;

To improve potential agricultural productivity and development of micro industries;

To optimize and efficiently utilize the land

and other natural resources;

To provide / identify adequate and suitable

lands for various

functional uses;

To strengthen the socio-economic base of the municipality to

become responsive to the


growing needs for development and progress;


To promote safety, health and environmental sanitation for

sustainable living:

To effectively manage and deliver the priority basic needs and services namely: water,

shelter, education , medical services, power, environment, sports and recreation ,

livelihood , social services, economic enterprise, social safety and justice.

Provision of adequate and suitable lands for various functional needs of the municipality;

Conservation of prime agricultural lands, forests and marine resources;

Attainment and maintenance of an ecological sound environment;

Promotion of optimum utilization of land resources

1.5Sectoral Strategies

1.5.1Economic Sector

To developed appropriate agricultural technology and optimize land utilization through sustainable development;

To established productive, economic opportunities and incentives, accelerate commerce ,

trade and industry;

To develop programs for the agro industrial zones, with preservations and restorations of the natural resources for an ecologically balanced environment;

1.5.2Social Sector

To undertake health and sanitation programs that will answer to the health problems and community health development.

To provide and improve educational opportunities without reservations either to religious , social, cultural and political affiliations ;

To promote and institutionalize social justice in the pursuance of peace;

Operationalized the equal footing of women and the indigenous group within the real concept of people empowerment, access to opportunities, resources, and service.

To improve basic services and improve quality of life through rationalized utilization of resources;


To undertake a workable infrastructure programs and projects such as roads, bridges and other government buildings, power and water supply;


To mitigate indiscriminate conversion of prime agricultural land and protect agricultural land and protect selected agricultural land

To enhance condition of the physical environment.

1.5.5Local Government Administration

To provide and equip the local government of Malapatan with the modern facilities and knowledge on local governance and fiscal administration.

About Malapatan

Malapatan is a first class municipality in the province of Sarangani, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 72,386 people. As of 2010, it has a total voting population of 35,569 voters.

Malapatan is bounded on the west by Sarangani Bay, on the east by Davao del Sur, on the north by Alabel, and on the south by Glan.